Kombucha Kit

Kombucha Kit

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Everything you need to brew your own Kombucha 

Kit includes Full Instructions, Recipe Ideas, 1 litre Kilner Jar, Cane Sugar, Green Tea, Starter Culture & Starter Tea ad well as full access to our Consciously Cultured Fermenting Forum for any questions you may have.

The Kit will need to be used within  2 days of arrival so the live SCOBY can feed & work at its best.

There is a drop down box to choose whether you'd like the SCOBY sent out WITH your kit or whether you'd like it sent out later, when you're ready to brew.



If buying for a present you have the option of choosing the 'Gift' option which means the SCOBY won't be sent out right away.

When the person you are gifting too is ready to make the Kombucha, they simply text a code & we mail it out (free of charge as it is already paid for).


SCOBY will be included in your kit & needs to be used within 2 days of arrival

Once you have your Starter Kit, you are set for life as long as you look after your SCOBY because it will continue to grow allowing you to make more and more batches!

NOTE ON POSTAL ORDERS: All orders are dispatched weekly on a Monday. Orders placed after Saturday will not be dispatched until the following week.